CropXYZ White Paper


In this section we explore the tokens in the system, and how they are used in the game. This first page gives a summary of the parts and in the next pages we explain each with examples!

Token Summary

The token interactions is split into two parts: the "Core Gameplay" and the "Financial Layer". These two work together to provide the full rich CropXYZ game experience. Through our simple to use website, we make it easy to operate on either layer.

Core Gameplay

Core gameplay is what allows farmers to buy, sell and overall interact with each other. As you grow seeds on your plots and harvest the results, you can send or sell that to other farmers. Also, this includes how farmers get and use starter packs.
You put in
You get out
Buying a Starter Pack
You can mint a starter pack from:
Starter Pack
Activate a Starter Pack
Activation reads from the starter pack NFT for the parts that make it up and sends them to your wallet on Polygon.
Starter Pack
[ on Polygon ] Plot +
Seeds +
Buying Seeds
When you want to buy more seeds in the shop to save or plant.
Selling Seeds
When you want to sell your excess seeds in the shop after a harvest.
When you plant seeds into your plots, after some time you get more seeds.
Plot +
Plot +
Seeds +
Extra seeds
(Just plot if you let crops die)

Financial Layer

For the players interested in the more financial layer of the game, the on-chain system holds 24 different liquidity pools to enable a fluid economy.