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Certain fields have had to hire night guards because of “strawberry bandits”, lowlives who snatch them and sell them in the next town over.

Smart Contract Details

Contract Address: 0x080bC3f705c4b807dB631047ffdA5894664c7Ff7
Polygon Link:

Growth Details

Time to Fully Grown
Fully Grown to Death
10 hours
2 days

Economic Model

Initial Pricing Model

Given that the price of this crop seed is controlled by a system controlled liquidity pool, here are the initial settings for the pool.
Internal zGOLD Price
zGOLD Pool Depth
Seed Balance

Pricing function

The curve shown below is the internal function used to calculate the marketplace supply and resulting price this specific seed follows.
In alpha, the pricing equation is as follows:
xy=90,334,917,855.45x * y = 90,334,917,855.45
Strawberry pricing curve: x * y = 90,334,917,855.45

For more information on pricing see the Pricing Model Section: