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Farmer Starter Packs

What is it?

The Farmer Starter Packs are in-game assets (NFTs) that represents what you get when you start playing. This can be thought of as the basket of in-game resources that you receive to make onboarding easier to the game.
This specific NFT is hosted on Ethereum, and the properties can be seen on Opensea:
Along with the "plot deed" which explains the plot of land you will receive, a Farmer Starter Pack will entitle you to receive zGOLD, crop seeds (of the type shown) and in a future version release a certain fertilizer type.
Just so you know: In the Farmer Starter pack, you will get enough seeds to plant in one of your plots. If you want to grow a different plant on your plot when you first start, you can buy it from the in-game shop or trade with another player!

How does it work?

Head over to this link here to buy a Farmer Starter Pack: . The price of a Farmer Start Pack is only based on the size (1x1, 2x2, up to 5x5) and the other traits are randomly generated.
When you buy a Farmer Starter Pack on Ethereum, the system will automatically send you all of your resources to the same wallet on Polygon.
If you have never used Polygon before, you will just need to add the Polygon chain to your MetaMask. Heres a simple way to do that:
If you minted a Farmer Starter Pack and still have not received the plots, gold and seeds in your wallet, reach out to us on Discord ( or on Twitter (

Here are a couple examples of Farmer Starter Packs:

5x5 Starter Pack with Tomatoes
3x3 Starter Pack with Wheat
1x1 Starter Pack with Roses
These Farmer Starter Packs then produce the following plots:
5x5 Fruit Vine Plot
3x3 Grain Field Plot
1x1 Flower Bed Plot

Starter Pack Properties



For all newly minted packs, this trait is "No". Originally, it was intended to let potential buyers know if it has not been used in game yet. Now that minting starter packs automatically sends the plots and in-game resources, the "Activated" property can be disregarded.


There are three possible outcomes for fertilizer 10k, 20k, or None. These are intended to act as a boost to the base stats of a player's plot. Note: not all starter packs have this. In alpha, fertilizer has not been released but it will be released in future phases.

Growth Rate

This is how fast your plot of land grows plants. The majority of the plots are "Medium" growth rate. Some are "Slow" which grow slightly slower but not too much of a concern in Season 1. Some have "Fast" which grows faster than "Medium".

Plot Type

See the earlier message on plot types. Each plot is only able to grow the crops in that particular type. Here are 5 plot types in Season 1:
  • Bean Garden
  • Berry Bush
  • Flower Bed
  • Fruit Vine
  • Grain Field

Plot Yield

Similar to "Growth Rate" in that this boosts the base stats of your plot. Majority of the plots fall in the "Medium" but some have "High" which produces more while other have "Low" which produces less but still more than what was put into the plot.


This is a reference to the game edition this Farmer Starter Pack was released.

Seed Bag

This is one specific crop that can be planted into your plot. Season 1 features 24 crops, some rarer than others!

Size Height

This is one dimension of sizing. All Season 1 plots are squares so the height and width will be the same number.

Size Width

This is the other dimension of sizing. All Season 1 plots are squares so the height and width will be the same number.