CropXYZ White Paper

Gameplay in a Nutshell

Metaverse Farming

Welcome to your farm! You are now a virtual farmer.
Each plot is a different NFT that is in your wallet and the gold you own finances your farm.
Looking over your farm, you can grow over 20 different crops and harvest the seeds. Each crop takes a different amount of time to grow to maturity.
Managing the plots

Full In-game Economy

As players are buying and selling, the system hides all complexity of interacting with the underlying blockchain and decentralized marketplace.
The system dynamically calculates an accurate price, reasonable slippage and if the price is better when the transaction is executed, the excess is given to the user.
Shopping for crops

Seamlessly Move Assets

At it's core, we believe you should only need to know you are using crypto until you need to move your assets.
There is a seamless MetaMask confirmation that pops up when you need to confirm a purchase/sale or approve the system to move tokens for you.
CropXYZ was launched to Polygon to reduce transaction costs.
Metamask interactions when buying