Plant Basics

It's easy: Plant ➔ Grow ➔ Harvest
In the game, we make it really easy to pick an unused plot that you own, and select the crops that you want to grow. In the background the game "stakes" those seed tokens into the plot NFT and after a certain time period, you will be able to "harvest" (i.e. "redeem") the seeds back.
Nine unique plot NFTs that are growing different crops.
When planting, even though the yield on a fully grown plot increases as the number of tiles in that plot increases. Keep in mind, you do need to add in more seeds to get it started.

Seed Requirements

A plot of land is made up of a certain number of "tiles". Each tile requires 9 seeds in order to be planted. Here is the breakdown of the number of seeds:
  • 1x1 plots require 9 seeds
  • 2x2 plots require 36 seeds
  • 3x3 plots require 81 seeds
  • 4x4 plots require 144 seeds
  • 5x5 plots require 225 seeds

Plot Types

Each plot has a specific type of crop that it is really good at growing. If the seed type matches the plot type then it will produce the maximum amount of seeds. If the plot type does not match the crop then the plot will take a longer time to produce the harvest and may not produce the maximum amount of seeds.

Crop Lifecycle

Each crop takes a different amount of time to go from seeded, to fully grown (harvestable) and death. Typically, the faster a crop grows, also the shorter it will live.
Lifecycle of wheat.
Be ready to return to your plots regularly because if you wait too long, the crops that you planted will die and the seeds that you originally planted will be lost. In "The Farm" section there is a breakdown for each crop, how long it will take to be harvestable and how long it will live once fully grown.