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System Overview

We have built out one of the most advanced, extensible and interoperable platforms to power blockchain based gaming experiences.


There are four main smart contract networks that work in concert to manage user resources, organize on-chain data and facilitate a real-time economy.
In addition, we have built a query layer that ingests blockchain data and presents it in an easy-to-consume fashion for front-end web and mobile apps.

System Components

Storing On-chain

The system is built on over 40 different smart contracts (with over 700 tests) that work together to provide a rich experience for players. In the following section we dive into more detail on the specific smart contracts that make up the core game. See this section for more information:

Summarizing Events

Apart from the base smart contract layer, we leverage The Graph to compute a number of aggregations and expose them for use in off-chain visualizations. See this section for more information: