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Take a sneak preview into the evolution of gaming experience of CropXYZ.

Alpha Feature Set

Welcome to your farm

The focus behind alpha was to allow players to truly see, transact and interact with the in-game assets in their wallet. This was done in a number of different ways but here are a few key game play experiences that were required to make that a reality:
  • Buying a Farmer Starter Pack sends player their in game gold, seeds,
  • Buy seeds off the in-game marketplace
  • Selling crop seeds to the in-game marketplace
  • Planting seeds into their plot of land
  • Harvesting the excess seeds produced by a plot of land

Beta Feature Set

Level-up your farm and interact with neighbors

Now that players are able to handle the basics of farm life, we have a series of features aimed to enrich the experience and see real progression. Also the farmlands are home to many other farmers, why not meet them too! Here's a high level look at what is coming out next:
  • See other farms
  • Trading directly with other farmers
  • Level-up farm plots
  • Compete on weekly challenges and unlock achievements

World Feature Set

Expand your farm universe

We will just preview this for now but we intend for CropXYZ to be much larger than just a farm centered game. We look to iterate on what the community loves and introduce expansions that will excite. Stay tuned for more updates!